Cineplex always been a best choice for cinemagoers as they are pioneer in cinema and always known for their efforts in bringing the modern cinema in our country. 'CMAX' is the biggest screen in our country and it has been placed in one of the business shopping mall in the city of Gardens , Lahore . They have as many as 10 screens too, among them only 3 screens are operational currently.

CinePax cinemas claim , the 'CMAX' screen is taller screen in the era ; and it almost have height of 4-story building and is the largest screen in the country. For the best sound quality, it is equipped with art of Dolby ATMOS system and also have sitting plan for normal  as well as Recliner seating which makes the audience to feel just like a home and makes their movie experience outstanding and comfortable .

The ticket price is competitive to market current position;  but cinema experience  leaves the best impact on the mind of the audience thought it's quality of sounds and visual clarity at its apex .